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Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) is one of the answers to solving complex casting and manufacturing needs.  


HIP is a production process of unique benefit in the precision casting, powder metal, metal bonding and metal injection industries. HIP improves the performance and yield of precision castings. HIP consolidates powders of metal, ceramics, or carbides into fully dense, complex parts with net or near net shapes. HIP is also used for diffusion bonding similar and dissimilar materials and for applying wear or corrosion resistant coatings to parts exposed to stringent operating conditions.


Hot Isostatic Pressing is a process in which components are subjected to the simultaneous application of heat and high pressure in an inert gas medium. The pressure is uniform in all directions or “isostatic”. Using Hot Isostatic Pressure, the material is changed, in simpler terms, to a “plastic state” which collapses the voids. The clean surfaces of the voids bond together making the components or parts stronger. In most cases, voids that were collapsed do not change or alter the shape of the parts or components.


Hot Isostatic Pressing results in startling improvements in material’s mechanical properties, resulting in significant reduction of scrap losses, decreased rework and weld repair. Of high significance is the marked reduction in the statistical spread or scatter usually associated with the cast material properties. The net result is improved reliability and efficiency of material utilization in cast components.

Education is a priority at Kittyhawk Products.  Here on our website you will find information needed to make informed decisions about Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) in your business.  Our technical experts remain available for consultation and will help evaluate and acquaint you with the benefits of Hot Isostatic Pressing.



Presented at PM2010 World Congress in Florence, Italy by Dennis Poor, President of Isostatic Pressing Association (IPA) & Kittyhawk Products

Dr. Rickinson BMet, PhD, CEng., MIM Technical Director of HIP (Powder Metals) Ltd.



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